Scourge of the Unholy: Lightning Hawks, the Strike Chamber

With the end of uni and getting all of my assignments finished, I've been able to really push through these last few parts of this first phase of the Lighting Hawks project, meaning that I've also had some free time to try and take some group photos of the project so far. Finishing and posting the Lord-Celestant mini brings the Strike Chamber to a close, or at least perhaps for now. From the beginning, I only ever envisioned this project being a small army of 2000 points or under (conceptualising it therefore as a detachment from the larger Stormhost), and I still want to do a small Extremis Chamber and a small ally contingent, so the Strike Chamber must as a result also be quite compact. Although I'm not ruling out in the far future adding Prosecutors, Paladins, and other heroes, the Strike Chamber as originally planned is now complete.

And with that, I am very happy to be able to leave some images below of the completed Chamber. I think I'll take a break from this project for a while, work on some others that I've been planning and tentatively starting, and then come back refreshed and ready to take stock, reassess, and then continue on with the next phases of the Lighting Hawks.